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MaxType PRO Typing Tutor 3.0.0

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor 3.0.0: Learn to touch-type and increase typing speed in a quick and effective way! tutor has special features which allow you to test and develop your typing skills from the basic level to a professional one in minimal time. Innovative features: 6 different typing modes, visualized statistics, daily and weekly reports, advanced recommendations system, learning time control system, built-in exercise library, personalized exercises and automatic suggestion of best typing mode! Only in MaxType PRO you will have unique possibility

Professor PC - Typing Tutor 1.46: Complete and fully interactive typing tutor, practical and fun way typing games!
Professor PC - Typing Tutor 1.46

Tutor is divided into 6 chapters and 32 different exercises! With hint windows for the various keyboard functions ! You won`t need to type by looking at the keyboard anymore. With PC Professor Typing-Tutor, in no time you`ll be able to do the so called "Touch Typing", having the ability to type full texts without ever looking at the keyboard ! The Professor PC Typing-Tutor is very efficient, possessing resources such as: - Student performance statistics

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Master Key 5.5.1: A straightforward typing tutor program with ParaTyper game
Master Key 5.5.1

Master Key is a straightforward typing tutor. It offers instruction on QWERTY, Dvorak, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards and numeric keypad, history and statistics, multiple users and groups that can share the network folder with Macs, and one of best games for typing, ParaTyper.

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Music Tutor 1.1

Tutor, the user may see whether he/she is singing at the correct pitch and how high the musical quality of his/her voice is. All this information is presented to the user through a vibrant and colorful interface. Additionally, the user may use a MIDI keyboard along with Music Tutor (or the program`s own virtual keyboard) to help along his/her exercising. The user may also record his/her exercise sessions, play those recordings back or play any other

external midi device, midi keyboard, singing, midi playback, voice analysis, pitch detection, musical analysis, voice training

MountFocus Keyboard Designer 3.2: The most flexible and powerful virtual keyboard designer available
MountFocus Keyboard Designer 3.2

Keyboard Designer v3.2 is the ultimate tool for creating virtual keyboards on the Windows platform. Keyboards created using the MountFocus Keyboard Designer can be used with any Windows application in a touch-screen or normal environment. That makes it ideal for situations where a physical keyboard is either not available or not desired. The MountFocus Keyboard Designer was designed to allow developers or users of Windows applications to design their

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Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard 1.0: Typing program for beginners to learn the keyboard.
Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard 1.0

Letter Chase Typing Tutor -- Learn the Keyboard, is a free typing program to learn the keyboard. Learn all the the keys, including number and character keys. Simple and effective way to learn and memorize the qwerty keyboard. Has charts to monitor your progress. Uses animated hands to teach the keyboard. Effective for kids. Schools can purchase a site license at a very low cost.

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XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2: Typing tutor from guitar technique that theaches you to use thumbs - TRUE SPEED!
XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2

tutor teaches you a technique inspired by the classical guitar playing method. It is new and different from what other typing tutorials show. Things that make this program unique: - it teaches you how to use all your fingers (including your THUMBS!) without looking at the keyboard - it shows you exactly how to place (prepare) your fingers before typing parts of words - it allows you to edit your own lessons - it allows you to edit the way parts of

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